28 December 2007

Ron Broglio - Flesh Made Word

Ron Broglio exchanges his ideas with us on how he is interested in flattening the human and imagining relationships.

26 December 2007

Stuart Keeler - Art in Public (Private) Space

Stuart Keeler introduced us to some of his conceptual art in public (private) space.

24 December 2007

Thanos Economou - Isovox

Thanos Economou introduces us to a project entitled Isovox that will encompass sound, color and space with in architectural mapping.

23 December 2007

Tristy Stephens - Nomad

Tristy Stephens shares her experiences and discoveries that she confronted with in her journey across the globe.

20 December 2007

Ruchi Choudhary - Solar Decathlon "Systems"

Ruchi Choudhary presented the Systems aspects of the Solar Decathlon Project that was undertaken by the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech.

Franca Trubiano - Solar Decathlon "Design"

Franca Trubiano presented the Design aspects of the Solar Decathlon Project that was undertaken by the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech.

Nat Slaughter - Near-Inaccessible Environs

Nat Slaughter presented performances in near-inaccessible environs, public and private spaces that he began in Spring 2004.

17 December 2007

Rachael Spiewak - SOPO Bicycles

Rachael introduces us to SOPO Bicycles and how it is empowering people to build relationships with in the community.

Paul Moore - Traffic

Paul Moore emphasizes the value of pattern recognition with in cities.

24 November 2007

Avantika Bawa - Drawings & Installations

Avantika Bawa shows us how she tweaks architecture and how she deals with it in her own way.

Devin Hunt - Web Animation

Devin Hunt tells a story of a four month old start-up in 400 seconds.

Liz Martin - Architect

Liz Martin introduces us to her firm Alloy Projects and how they design for practice, exhibition and research.

Stan Woodard - Mixed Media

Stan Woodard leads us through some of his mixed media and installations.

Kurt Rampton - Collaborative Design

Kurt Rampton shows us the power and impact of collaborative design with in projects and the community.

20 November 2007

Lennie King - Designer Cupcakes

Lennie King went from Architecture to Cupcakes with her new found passion, Sweet Pockets.

Blacki Li Migliozzi - Spray Paint on Walls

Blacki Li Migliozza takes us on a journey through some of his experience with todays infamous street artist.

18 November 2007

Romita Ray - Bling & Maharajas

Romita Ray delivers a provocative story of how Bling affected the role of Britian with in India.

Amy Landesberg - Architecture

Amy Landesberg presents a visual line of work with no spoken words.

Jeanette Yen - Bio-Inspired Design

Jeanette Yen lead an inspiring series of Bio-Inspired Design examples.