28 November 2008

Alfredo Aponte - A Wonder(full) Collection

Alfredo Aponte shares with us a wonder(full) collection of objects that he feels should be substitutes to the everyday items that you may already own/carry in our sack, bag or tote today.

12 November 2008

Mazie Causey & Ron Boyler - Grass Roots Justice

Mazie Causey & Ron Boyler, members of the Georgia Justice Project, describe themselves as an unlikely mix of lawyers, social workers and a group of landscapers.

10 November 2008

Aileen Aponte - 1st Grade Self-Portraits

Aileen Aponte shows us how she is able to analyze children's development levels and abilities in the classroom by there self-portraits on the first day of class.

07 November 2008

Stuart Horodner - the Contemporary

Stuart Horodner introduces us into the Contemporary as he shows us its current art and how it is moving forward.

05 November 2008

Larry Luk & Georgios Saliaris - We are PROCESS

Larry Luk & Georgios Saliaris of Epidemik Coalition tell us about their creative outlet through PROCESS, which is simply a creative exploration through a clothing line.

03 November 2008