21 August 2008

Mitch Wood - My Last Twenty

Mitch Wood provides us with a provocative love story that involves friendship, mistrust & death.

16 August 2008

Nathan Piazza - Warped Zones

Nathan Piazza explains the traditions that influence video game design and how they touch other parts of cultural history.

10 August 2008

Harley Etienne - Rediscovering Forgotten Atlanta

Harley Etienne provided a series of photos of west Atlanta's neighborhoods while reading from two poems of Langston Hughes.

08 August 2008

Neda Abghari - The Atlanta Creatives Project

Neda Abghari talks to us about the Atlanta Creatives Project, which is a photographic documentation of Atlanta's creative core.

06 August 2008

Stefan Kjartansson - the Heaviest Type Family

Stefan Kjartansson shares with us his inspiration and process of his new typeface Black Slabath.

04 August 2008

Gregg Bernstein - Music Packaging Design

Gregg Bernstein teaches graphic design and designs packaging for bands that you haven't heard of.

02 August 2008

Helena Beyersdorf-Cottle - the Belly Dance Mystique

Helena Beyersdorf-Cottle demonstrated the majestic powers of belly dance and the empowerment of its rich culture and heritage.