16 September 2009

Mark Cottle - Seduced & Abandoned

Mark Cottle gave us a little valentine treat in our ninth volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha with his Seduced & Abandoned letters.

06 July 2009

William Boling & Corinne Vionnet - Complete Desire

William Boling & Corinne Vionnet presented in our ninth volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha about their collaborative project, Complete Desire.

03 July 2009

Jerry Goux - Building for Other Architects

Jerry Goux is an architect, an architect and an architect that builds stuff. He came to our ninth volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha to tell us about his experience with working with other architect and how "rewarding" it can be.

30 June 2009

Alex West - WonderRoot is Cool

Alex West took some time to come to our ninth volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha to talk about WonderRoot, a non-profit arts organization committed to uniting artists and the community to inspire positive social change.

18 June 2009

Valencia Coar - Aesthetic Housing Where it Matters

Valencia Coar, a new transplant of Atlanta, arrived at our ninth volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha to discuss and challenge us with some of the issues of low income housing.

16 June 2009

Ellen Dunham-Jones - Retrofitting Suburbia

Ellen Dunham-Jones came to our ninth volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha to show us some examples and to speak about urban design solutions for redesigned suburbs.

11 June 2009

Fakhri Hagghani - Coffee Shops in Tehran

Fakhri Hagghani returned to the states just before Volume 09 of Atlanta Pecha Kucha to provide us with a true culture experience of Tehran, which can be traced through there coffee shops.

09 June 2009

Decatur Dan Hall - Cease and Desist

Dan Hall was invited to present at Volume 09 of Atlanta Pecha Kucha where he introduced us to DecaturDan, his platforms for using the name and his recent "Cease and Desist."

08 June 2009

Andrew Ian Morrison & Cristina Del Sesto Morrison - 13 Ways of Looking at an Onion

Cristina Del Sesto Morrison delivers a parody of Wallace Stevens 1917 poem from his first collection at our Volume 09 of Atlanta Pecha Kucha with her husband and chef, Andrew Ian Morrison.

18 May 2009

Louise E. Shaw - AIDS in the Eighties

Louise E. Shaw did not hesitate to curb her topic and delivered a powerful 20 slides of real imagery from "AIDS in the Eighties."

06 April 2009

Kristen Hard - Chocalate Lab

Kristen Hard takes us into Cacoa, her chocolate shop, and shares her chocolate vision with us.

27 March 2009

Gregor Turk - Interstate 50 & a Restroom Stop

Gregor Turk takes us down the unfamiliar yet familiar Interstate 50.

23 March 2009

George Johnston - Drafting Culture

George Johnston gives us an introduction to Drafting Culture, his new book release.

18 March 2009

Liz Martin - Beautiful Strangeness

Liz Martin comes to talk to us about the book release of Expanding Architecture, which does good by being good.

23 February 2009

Sylvie Fortin - An Eventual Practice

Sylvie Fortin tells us a little about the things and work that have been important to her in recent past.

16 February 2009

Sofonda Cox - The Armorettes

Sofonda Cox is a member of a camp drag group, the Armorettes, that for 30 years have been raising money for people who have been living with HIV and AIDS.

06 February 2009

Kaylinn Gilstrap - Not For Sale

Kaylinn Gilstrap presents her photography project that is on the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site Expansion in South Eastern Colorado, which the ranchers are unwilling to sell.

04 February 2009

Michael David Murphy - So Help Me (Redux)

Michael David Murphy presented his photographic project in Volume 07 and then returned for Volume 08 to give us a complete redux after November 4th.

02 February 2009

Michael David Murphy - So Help Me

Michael David Murphy presents us with a photographic project, So Help Me, that he has been working on for over a year.

28 January 2009

Ben Helfen - the Latte Art Culture

Ben Heflen introduces us to the culture of latte art and how nerdy these baristas really are.

16 January 2009

William Boling - You Ain't Wrong, This Kneeling Figure is in no Apology Condition

William presents us with quite a bit of really cool stuff that he has collected from other peoples stuff, which surprisingly is some very interesting stuff.

14 January 2009

Farshad Arshid - Standard Life

Farshad Arshid tells us a little bit about the Standard Life.

12 January 2009

Claudia Winegarden - An Island of One's Own

Claudia Winegarden shares with us her experiences from her travels towards the San Blas Island and her interaction with the Kuna people.

09 January 2009

Liam Rattray - Pecan Kernal is a Radical Deep Freegan

Liam talks to us about food industries, food communities and the sustainable food project that he started at Georgia Tech.