31 July 2008

Alyssa Sheldon - Coffee in Reverse

Alyssa Sheldon represents Octane Coffee Lounge by sharing its process of coffee from shipment, treatment and the involvement with the growers.

29 July 2008

Christiane Lauterbach - a Knife & Fork Saga

Christiane Lauterbach shares her publication, Knife & Fork, with us that she has been publishing for 25 years; which has become an ongoing cultural history of Atlanta.

27 July 2008

Scott Ingram - Art & Architecture

Scott Ingram expresses his fascination of how rhythm, line and the composition of architecture inspire his art pieces.

25 July 2008

Jenny Smith - Words to Live By

Jenny Smith shares with us a series of graphics, type and demonstrations of public aesthetic design that she has curated from her desktop folder of inspiration.

23 July 2008

Robert Cheatham - Public Domain, Inc.

Robert Cheatham introduces us to the yelling and screaming of Public Domain, a nonprofit organization that is committed to exploring the intersection of art with in the community.

21 July 2008

Ryan Gravel - 20 Moments on the Belt-Line

Ryan Gravel expresses his 20 moments of the Belt-Line, which was his thesis in 1999 and how it can create a new kind of city.

20 July 2008

Merrill Elam - Buckhead Library

Merrill Elam of Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects provides a little bit of story telling about the wonders, magic and truths behind the Buckhead Library that has always been a lighting rod for conversation.

17 July 2008

Ruth Dusseault - I hoed beans

Ruth Dusseault presented her photographs while reading from the journal of Henry David Thoreau.

14 July 2008

David Sweeney - Dynamic Dish

David Sweeney takes us through Dynamic Dish, which is simply an idea that offers people with modern urban lifestyles to eat healthy while taking a rest out of their day.

08 July 2008

Danielle Glasky - An American Barista in Japan

Danielle takes us on a personal journey as she shares her experiences through cultural and language differences while working with Coffee Roasters in Japan.

07 July 2008

Gavin Holmes - Anatomy of a 30 Second Spot

Gavin Holmes from R!OT storyboards the anatomy of a 30 second spot.